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  1. So, I'm trying to follow you here. Truly. But, are you saying that, on any given roll, the odds are NOT 1/6 that a 7 will roll?

  2. Also, when you get your back to back 7s, and you put up your place bets, why don't you call them all 'on'? On place bets, a 7 is the only roll that knocks you out, so if you're confident a 7 isn't coming, and you're putting up $160 in place bets, shouldn't you make sure those bets are all working?

  3. Out of every 50 bets you place, you can expect to win about 40 out them Best bet sisytem I tried that HOWTOBETONSPORTS.NETAU.NET

  4. sadly thats not how the odds work in real life, those are continuous odds not individual odds

  5. Probability is the same on every roll so counting rolls or waiting for back to back 7s does not change the probability of it rolling again.

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