Poker Strategy: AKss Flops Nut Flush Draw and Overcards Plays Passive

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When we think that our opponent is a good player and then does something bizarre what exactly should we take from that?

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Poker Strategy: AKss Flops Nut Flush Draw and Overcards Plays Passive

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: AKss Flops Nut Flush Draw and Overcards Plays Passive

  1. Sometimes in poker the waitress drops a drink and the phone rings and the sky falls and a player does something they only do 1 in 1000 times. We’re playing with human beings. Long way from perfect poker being played at even 10/20 25/50 live.

  2. playing trappy. A fish gets bluffed and being mad on call lmao.
    3 bet bigger oop, c bet flop = END OF STORY

  3. you may hero call with your nut spades, because his lower NSD will bet the flop for you, so he only reps a house or AJ by betting the turn very less hands.

  4. This may not be the best bluff combo, but I still think it can be considered on the river. If we have a checking range here, it can contain things like AA, AJ, Tx. On the turn we can open up, but think 50%-66% is good sizing. On the river, this isn’t the best combo, but still think it’s okay, as villain prob has about 11 defense hands like AJ and J9, and can have things like 77-88, 98 A9s to fold. Plus AQ and hands that were drawing fold as well. Obv a hand like AQ in our shoes would prob be a better combo for us to bluff, but think it’s at least reasonable.

    As for on the flop, seems like our range is going to mash here, so we can prob do a range bet of 1/3

  5. Problem is that, as the action went, the 2 of u have lots of broadway combos in your range. I think this is why Bart advocated checking down so that u keep the option to bluff catch. When u check bet flop and turn, he knew that u were weighted heavily towards spades that picked up outs on turn and it is quite possible that he accurately read your hand and was able to play perfectly against u. He is beating Jacks and spades as played. If he doesn't show u, what would u have said he had? Lots and lots of hands that he is never folding.

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