Card Counting Team Hits TOUGHEST Casino In Europe!

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This was a secret card counting trip my team and I did in Europe. Originally, it was never going to end up on YouTube. But I’ve spoken with the team and they have given me the go-ahead.

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Card Counting Team Hits TOUGHEST Casino In Europe!

9 thoughts on “Card Counting Team Hits TOUGHEST Casino In Europe!

  1. Why is it not allowed to shuffle more often for a casino so they could eliminate the risk of card counters totally?

  2. This whole counting journey just keeps getting better and better. Keep it up, it's awesome!

  3. feel bad for the 1 poor fellow that got banned for card counting team without hes knowledge lmao

  4. So pumped to see this series back Steven! Fantastic first session, the editing, storytelling, and suspense is phenomenal. Thank you for continuing to create this content.

  5. The brilliance bit is bullbad. Acting like you might be able to figure out why you’d hit a 12 against a 3 not a 4 is messed up. The math goes down to tenths of a percent that is extremely complicated. It’s like acting like you can “figure out” gto poker and not memorize it

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