Aggressive Poker Player to My Left – What to do??

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Having an aggressive player to your left can’t be exploited or dealt with via ‘poker hacks’ like being in position on a loose player can, but there are adjustments you can make! Let me show you how to adjust to having an aggressive poker player on your left.

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Unfortunately being out of position on an aggressive or action player isn’t necessarily something you can overcome or turn into an advantage or poker exploit.

Oftentimes at the poker table your position in this formation just means you have a worse seat then you otherwise would.

All that being said, your poker strategy adjustments start preflop when an aggressive player is in position on you.

You are more likely to be 3-bet so you have to open a slightly tighter range that plays better against 3-bets, you don’t get to steal the blinds for the same reason.

Post flop, you’re going to want to look to trap aggressive players more often.

A lot of aggressive players are not afraid to or even enjoy betting thin value hands and a lot of bluffs while putting in too much money against checks.

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Aggressive Poker Player to My Left – What to do??

8 thoughts on “Aggressive Poker Player to My Left – What to do??

  1. Ya know, I’ve had to deal with this a lot lately as I’ve gotten better and final table way more now. The key I’ve noticed, is just let them agro, and just call along then raise river. Let them empty the clip and then just bluff jam. Works 9/10 times

  2. Isn't GTO pf ranges good in this situations? You're not going to have an advantage, so you might as well play balanced.

  3. Remember in cashgames you can ask for seat changes and table changes if multiple are running.

  4. If I ever play the WSOP FT I would love this Phil dude to my coach. He’s releasing the full of solid and most importantly FREE content here. Appreciate him

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