How Much Money Do You Need To Count Cards?

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Blackjack is a game that can be beaten with card counting, but that doesn’t mean you can just walk into a casino with $7.50 and expect to walk out a winning player. But does that mean you need $20,000? In this video, Colin breaks down how much you can really expect to earn as a perfect card counter with various bankroll sizes.

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How Much Money Do You Need To Count Cards?

10 thoughts on “How Much Money Do You Need To Count Cards?

  1. Casinos here re shuffle the cards with a machine after every hand… why dont all casinos do that then you cant cont cards

  2. i want to know how can a card counter only profit only $5-$10 an hour, I get it you are just starting. but i mean i’ve gone to the casino a handful of times just to practice and not even try to play and i turn $100 into 300-400 in 15-45 minutes. i’ve only been gambling a few months, and by no means am i even a card counter, just learning.

  3. Hey Colin. Did you ever play MTG in Sacramento? You look like someone I used to play.

  4. 100 buy in. Cash out at $175, after 3 hours. For me it’s an awesome time with different people, and I make a little profit for my time.

  5. I found a blackjack game online where you can choose deck size and rules and it goes until there is one deck left

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