10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Learning the $44 Plus Strategy (Session 1 of 3)

  1. thanks for the video. i haven't played any COME bets in a while. maybe i'll mix it up a little the next time i'm at the table

  2. Got you up @ crapsgazelledaily.com, Thanks for the video – I learn so much from your videos Jesse

  3. Thanks for the video, I'm a come better , with inside place , although I take more odds on my come best, works very well for me !

  4. Aloha Mel! My Ohana in Hawaii have been telling me about the shelter at home challenges. I saw a video of Waikiki looking like a ghost town! Thanks for making a video to keep us going in these tough times.

  5. Hi Mel
    I enjoy your videos and calming voice. Keep them videos coming.

    I learn something new with each video.

  6. Hi Craps Hawaii? How does this strategy make sense? You are risking more to get less payout unless you are putting 5x odds. In your demonstration you had a $10 come bet with $10 odds for a total bet of $20 on the 5. If it hits it would only pay out $25 (because the come bet is 1:1, and the odds are 3:2). However if you had the full $20 on the 5 that would be a $28 payout and you are not locked into a contract bet. Can you please elaborate as to why I would EVER replace a placebet with a come bet unless I am able to play over 5x odds. Because even at 5 times odds it doesn't make sense.

    Is to hedge against a 7 on the next roll? because then you will get back something atleast?

  7. Excellent video. I had played a three point molly game with the pass/come. There were times that the place bettors were whooping it up as the three numbers I wasn't working were being hit and I stood quietly waiting for a hit. It had taken me quite a while to realize that I needed my numbers to be hit twice before I collected. Read the wrong info from the wrong books.

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