How to play basic Blackjack Strategy | How to win $100 a day playing blackjack

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How to play basic strategy blackjack. This video shows how to win $100 per day/per playing session. My Blackjack Oscillating Betting Strategy revealed. It’s blackjack betting.

I tweaked this strategy in order to remove any flaws and to give the player the most advantage over the house. It contains my own variations from any other betting strategy available.

I teach you when you should:

Hit, Stand and Double Down.

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How to Play Blackjack

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And much much more…

So hurry on down and grab your piece of the Blackjack pie today!

Jay Nolan

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How to play basic Blackjack Strategy | How to win $100 a day playing blackjack

10 thoughts on “How to play basic Blackjack Strategy | How to win $100 a day playing blackjack

  1. There is a concept I use when playing Blackjack that I have coined…"all things being equal…I should come out ahead in the long run." Why is that? Is it true or false? What strategy causes me to come out ahead?

  2. A draw to 15 vs dealer 8?… Probably should've hit it once more. Just my opinion, it's a tough call. If it's a 3-4 card draw to 16, then stand. Not sure on the % of standing at 3 card 15. BUT!!!… Always split the 8s!!! C'mon, man! A 16 vs dealer 10 wins only 23% of the time. Your dealer had a 7!!!! If you split, you now have two hands that start with a decent high card and your odds increase to 38% chance of beating the dealer(probably more vs a 7). Just FYI. Always A's and 8's!

  3. Playing like this is how is how to lose 1000 in 5 mins , not how to make 100 a day , and u made 275?? What a douche

  4. I play at this same online site.. Personally I play at the single deck black jack but I don't use anything close to martingale too risky and an easy way too lose $1k every week or so, thus negating any profits. (I've lost a crazy 20 times in a row to the dealer at this site and of those 6 were blackjacks!!) I go for a negative progression with less huge swings.. my own variant on the labouchere strategy with my own number sequence I like and some extra rules thrown in to stop each session going too deep on a bad run. Not sure how it'll play out in the long run but so far it's made me on average $150 a day for around a three month period so I will continue with it as long as it remains profitable. I will say though I play perfect basic strategy for that single deck game specifically. Using a chart helps a lot.

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