7 thoughts on “Texas Holdem hand match ups

  1. Count your outs and multiply by 4 to see the percentage for the turn card, then recount your outs and multiply by 2 for the river card.

  2. I play a lot of poker, and I know of a useful strategy for calculating your approx percentage to hit one of your outs, giving you a better *and in many cases* the best hand.

    # of outs * number of cards reminaing * 2

    On the flop, if you have a spade flush draw, and you are heads up (low chance of any other spades missing), 9 outs * 2 cards * 2 = approx 36%, or 18% for hitting it on the turn.

    This works very well, with the worst being +/- 5% generally (WORKS ODDLY PRE-FLOP, USE ONLY FLOP/TURN)

  3. simple any pair is usually ahead in poker preflop. Ill take poket deuces against your AK off at 10 dollars per hand 100 hands in a row. I bet after we have around 30 hands you will be begging to stop. Trust me I take so much money off clowns who argue AK is btter pre flop than poket 2s. Trust me after 100 hands you will be up money I bet on it.

  4. count you outs dived into 52 then figure percentage out from divisng into 100 simple. Lets see you flop flush draw. You have 9 outs but two throws so add that number together because your on the flop turn river still. 18 diveded into 52 equals 2.8 now take 2.8 di=veded into 100 to know your percentage equals35 percent so if all your outs are available you have 1 in 3 chances. if you were on the turn you would be at 17. 5 percent chance of catching your flush

  5. 55 is a coinflip heads up but AQ still has the better chance of winning because 55 you never know when you have the best hand cuz their are always overcards. if you pair ace or queen you figure to have the best hand. so 55 is hard to play unless you go all in preflop or hit a set. plus go all in with 55 and you're in a coinflip. all in with ace-queen and you prolly go against a weaker ace and have him dominated.

  6. If you go heads-up 22 vs AK pre-flop, then yes, pocket 2s are better. But I prefer AK over pocket 2s. Why? Because pocket 2s are ALWAYS at coin-flip at best when you're called and you're very likely dominated by overpair whereas for AK, only thing that dominates AK is KK and AA. Only pocket pairs puts AK into conflip and every other cards are 2:1 underdog at best.

    AK is overplayed by many players though and they do lose lot of money in a long run.

  7. There is a reason why people place AK under premium hand and pocket 2s under weak, marginal hand. only two pocket pairs AA and KK dominates AK and AK is either coin-fliip or 2:1 favorite against any other hole cards whereas pocket 2s are ALWAYS coin-flip AT BEST and they're likely dominated by ANY pocket pair. If I was faced with an all-in bet during heads-up, I rather have AK than 22. My opponent's "bluff" will put my 22 at coin-flip whereas my opponent's "bluff" will put me under 2:1 favorite.

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