Sap, Blackjack & Slungshot- Overview and History

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Collection and description of possibly the most forgotten group of weapons in history. Leather saps, blackjacks and slungshots were used by cops, criminals, soldiers and sailors for centuries.

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Sap, Blackjack & Slungshot- Overview and History

10 thoughts on “Sap, Blackjack & Slungshot- Overview and History

  1. I'm actually pretty into the history and use of these, having quite good fun making them aswell at the moment, great video

  2. Great collection! I own a blackjack, braided coil spring and lead, leather ensemble. It's all about the quality of the stitching. They should all be nicknamed "jawbreakers"

  3. I am on Episode 7 of the TV show Reacher, which is amazing btw. He just picked up a blackjack from a hunting surplus store. I was like…WTF is that used for. So here I am! Thanks for this video!

  4. Robert, I've got your book and it's OUTSTANDING!!!

    I've got a black (I believe) Bucheimer 894 that I bought for $20 or $30 at a gunshow in PHX about 15+ years ago. It's in VERY good condition. I'm lucky to have found it!

  5. In the home defense safe in my bedroom, I have a .357, a flashlight and a blackjack

  6. I recently made a weapon that's very similar. I guess it's a cross between a blackjack and a life preserver, or what happens when a blackjack and nunchucks have a baby. It's a heavily tapered wooden club, about 8 inches long, with an octagonal cross section, made of a very hard and dense exotic wood, that has a short lanyard, with a large wooden bead at the end. You pinch the skinny end of the club between your thumb and forefinger, while the rest of your fingers wrap around the lanyard, with the pinky finger resting just above the bead. The club pivots between the thumb and forefinger, while the wooden bead prevents the lanyard from pulling through your grasp. It's basically a wooden club that can fit in your pocket, gets extra tip speed, and transfers energy more efficiently. It will certainly break bones and fracture skulls, so it's not exactly a "less-lethal" weapon, but it's certainly less lethal than a knife. Not sure if it's legal to carry in my area, but I plan to find out.

  7. I never bought one of these, but I have made several over the years. In my state they are legal as long as not concealed and within easy reach. (concealed OR handy: you can have one, but not both.) I am an old man so if circumstances warrant I move it from the trunk of my car to dangling from my wrist. Mine are colored international distress orange, so there is no question of concealment. I am surprised and a little dismayed that so many people do not know what they are, or what their capabilities are. They are a deadly weapon. Hope I never have to give a lesson in that if I find I have to hit the ATM late at night. I try to avoid that too.

  8. A homemade blackjack just a hose with coins inside will be horrible experience to anyone getting hit by it.

  9. I live on the south side of Chicago. I take the EL train, and the busses. I carry a slapstick, or a flat blackjack. It's a little long, about 10'' . I carry it in my back strong side pocket, or in my front pants pocket. I'd hate to have to use it. You could potentially kill somebody. I'd try for a groin strike first, then the jaw, the turn it sideways like a knife edge and bring down on the clavicle. It will definitely break bones. I also carry a collapsible baton in my bag also. Brass knuckles in my back pocket, and an OTF Smith & Wesson M&P automatic knife. I guess if someone had a pistol, I'd be loveed. I don't want to shoot or kill anybody, but if I go to my ankle rig and do shoot somebody, a whole new world of problems arise. Wrongful death suit, possible prosecution. Sure I would fight for my life, but after the adrenaline wears off…

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