10 thoughts on “CRAPS How To Double Your Money Betting Strategy

  1. Some great info here…It's nice when you can double your money on just a few minutes. But seeing as how I have to drive over 5 hrs to get to a real craps table I like to play for at least an hour. Just yesterday I went to a local casino 2 hrs away and played bubble craps took $100 and played $60… Caught a good run and cashed out for $200. Could have had $300 or more but since I was in the profit I decided to keep going. Your info is right on point have a goal and cash out at that point. Use anything over your goal to keep playing and hopefully win more. I never go to the casino with more than I am willing to loose anyway. I like to go to have fun and win if it's in the dice but I have lost money and had the time of my life… Heck I have spent more at Disney Land hand had less fun!. Don't let it get to you Crap happens.

  2. How long do you go before you start bringing down bets? I'd stop at four or five rolls if the point isn't 6 or 8.

  3. Thanks for the tips i just got back from Vegas and I did very good I walked out of Fremont casino with 1200

  4. Dude… I was in Wendover and they wouldn't let me set the Dice… hmmmm… I wonder why??

  5. Dude. I thank you for these free videos. It is awesome to see how your skill has evolved over time. I seriously get a nugget of two whenever i tune in. Some o yo bad be cray but your dice tossing is the real deal. Stay frosty my man.

  6. Great stuff CK! Hey regarding it being a 54, 26 set, (at the 3 min mark) what do you mean by that's a 7-10, 7-4? Then your come out roll was a 7 and you said it's sticky…. are you wanting this to stay on axis or off?

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