What Are Blackjack Deviations?

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Do you need to know card counting deviations in order to beat blackjack? How many are there? Where can you find them? …and what are they? Colin answers all these questions and more in this video.

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What Are Blackjack Deviations?

10 thoughts on “What Are Blackjack Deviations?

  1. I'm curious, how often do you get dirty looks from other players at the table when you start to deviate from basic strategy?

  2. So, I've been playing the BJA app religiously for a while now and have found that I consistently have a lot more winning hands in a cold deck (true -6) because I have the luxury of hitting on higher numbers because there are more low cards in the deck.

    Is this a form of deviation?

  3. Hey Colin, I found a new video game (kind of like Grand Theft Auto) where you can count cards to help build your fake money portfolio! It is Pokerstars VR. I play on the Oculus. They have blackjack table games. The only thing is, it only allows for a 1-10 bet spread. For example, you can play at a table that is $100 min bet, $1,000 max bet. Also, to count cards , the players a couple seats down, it is hard to see their card, so I actually have to hover over their hand to see it. It is still all good! They play through a 6 deck shoe with about .85 penetration.

  4. I'm a bit confused at when you'd be applying the deviations. Would you only use them for your first decision? For instance, lets say you've got a 7 vs the dealer's 5 and your hit card is a 5 for a total of 12. Assuming the count indicates you should deviate, would you, even with 3 cards?

  5. If you notice another player at the table playing perfect basic strategy and the count is high, would placing a bet on their hand bring more heat?

  6. Hi I’m a recent graduate who just got my first job and moved to Salt Lake City. I’m super close to a casino in Nevada and I’m not into gambling so this attracted me. My casino has a royal bet that gives you 3:1 if you have the same suit card. Is this truly an advantage or would it be better to stick to basic strategy?

  7. Hello. If I am having a bad losing streak with online blackjack and casino blackjack are those all 1 big losing streak?

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