HUGE BLUFF In A $300,000 Poker Tournament

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This is one of the craziest but equally impressive bluffs I have seen in a poker tournament! In this $300,000 buy in at the Super High Roller Bowl we have two of the best players in the world battling it out; Michael Addamo & Jake Schindler.

I discuss the poker strategy that you must consider when deciding to check-raise bluff on the river and what cards would be good to have to make great bluffing candidates.

In order to play a balanced poker strategy you must find hands that you can use as bluffs, Addamo managed to pick the perfect spot and hand to do it with! Can Schindler find an epic hero call?

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HUGE BLUFF In A $300,000 Poker Tournament

10 thoughts on “HUGE BLUFF In A $300,000 Poker Tournament

  1. How would you have played this spot with 8♥ 7♥?

  2. I see cheater Imsirovic is involved in this table…

    I woulda check called the river hoping Schindler was bluffing with AQ or AJ. Oops. I guess AQ has showdown value so Schindler wouldn’t bet it?

  3. Very interesting hand. At face value he is repping mostly AA , KK maybe AK and few bluffs like 9-10 or 89 suited for balance , I guess. All would bet the flop. One jake calls pre it’s pretty much QQ+ , maybe JJ+. Then the call on flop maybe JJ folds. Once both check turn, jake doesn’t have AA or KK. Here is where it turns interesting, as jake bet size maybe it’s a size tell he picks up and know it’s not AK, so it has to be QQ by only, thus imposible to call a shove. True QQ blocks KQ and AQ, but is he really rising 19 bb with those ? I’m not sure if he gave up on the river thinking he had AK or better, the picked up something in jake’s sizing.

  4. its addamo, you check the river in position, my god. the man is a sicko; take your value, lmao

  5. It's also the large stack playing HU against the 2nd smallest (almost tied for smallest) stack in tournament play.
    If Addamo reasonably thinks Schindler has a foldable hand, he almost HAS to block the pot, and that K river really makes it MUCH more likely that he is playing a pair or AQ, AJ, A10.
    Personally, I think the bluff is a must – in tourney play, against a much smaller stack – unless you a reading real strength, which I think is just out of the question. Anything K or better other than pocket Kings for the set almost certainly would have raised the pot and defended on the turn, and pocket Kings would almost definitely have made a smaller more callable bet on the river when he hit quads.

  6. It's essentially a freeroll. Jake gets to cheat and steal from everyone, then use that money as a buy in.

  7. Wouldn't black Queend be a good bluff catcher because you block every single KQ suited?

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