Best Slots for VERY Low Limit Players with Josh O’Connell

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Matt Bourie, from, interviews gambling author Josh O’Connell about the best scot machines for players who like ot bet under $1 per spin. Josh has a web site at where he gives information on slot machines and is very knowledgeable about all things slot machines. These slot games are all low volatility and easy to find so they are very easily accessible for event he lowest of rollers.

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Best Slots for VERY Low Limit Players with Josh O’Connell

9 thoughts on “Best Slots for VERY Low Limit Players with Josh O’Connell

  1. Love playing the Old Buffalo game. Did well in Vegas at El Cortez on Old Buffalo πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  2. Great video. I was at Caesars AC one morning playing two old Buffalo machines at the same time, one had my card in & one had my wife's card in. Betting 80 cents a spin, putting $10 in each, near the end one of the machines filled up with Buffalo for a $438 line hit!

  3. Looks like you might have been right about the sale of flamingo according to miles to memories.

  4. Betting 60 cents on Buffalo Gold, I've won $500-$600 three different times (all at different casinos). I really like how volatile the payout is on the bonus feature. When you get the three gold coins, you can win a really nice amount, or you can win crap.

  5. Buffalo & Buffalo Gold = super value, Cleopatra is a hard pass for me. midnight eclipse also has that locking doubling/tripling wilds in the bonus and sub $1 bet. I switch to <$1 slots a couple years ago and have never been happier with my wins and gambling enjoyment.

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