Can Lightning Roulette Save Me?!?!?

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Todays Session: Went over to lightning roulette to see if we could make a comeback!

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Please remember to gamble responsibly. Gambling is not a way to make money. Play with what you can afford and do not go over your budget. Have fun, enjoy your wins, and learn from your losses!

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Can Lightning Roulette Save Me?!?!?

10 thoughts on “Can Lightning Roulette Save Me?!?!?

  1. Hows it going my friend Hope your winning, im just part way thru the video, your number 8 just came in, I think were all dreaming of a massive 500 x on our number when its heavily weighted and it comes in. About a a week ago I had put like £50 pounds ($60) on zero amongst other numbers and honestly a 500x came up on zero, I had been chasing it for some time… I saw it was close I was holding my breath as it bounced and landed on 26, nextdoor I was screaming the house down!! Jeez that would have won me £25,000. Which is a heck of a lot of money for me, (considering my biggest ever win is 7/8k.
    Wont forget that in a hurry oh well going to watch the rest of the video, hope your well brother bear stay safe buddy.

  2. Mann aren’t you wasting soo much of money just by adding these little deposits
    Play big those videos were really good

  3. Hello mate sorry to c u losing 4 the last couple days it always drop next door which is number 23 and 30 make sure u play them 2 big like number 8 and best of luck mate

  4. Also on crazy time pls cover #2 instead of number 10, that will keep you alive in game and we have seen large multipliers comes on 2 and they hit as well.. probability of hitting 2 is very high

  5. So May be you can follow following model
    4x on coin flip
    3x on cash hunt and pachinko
    2x on crazy time
    6x on 2
    — so x could be anything depends on bankroll, let’s assume you put x = $20
    The you need to bet
    $80 on CF
    $60 on CH & PK
    $40 on CT
    $120 on 2

    For $5k BR , $360 per spin is perfect strategy.
    Good luck and all the best!

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