FLUSH vs FLUSH On High Stakes Poker!

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Brynn Kenney has a flush with more than $100,000 in the pot. But his opponent Brandon Steven has taken the initiative and the river pairs the board. Can you really go for value here?

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FLUSH vs FLUSH On High Stakes Poker!

10 thoughts on “FLUSH vs FLUSH On High Stakes Poker!

  1. On the river he has only 5 combos of lower flush though given the preflop action. 6,7 – 7,8 – 8,9 – 9,10, k,10. He has 12 combos of full houses that are all within opponents range. I really think the only option for him on the river is check,call. If he leads out and faces a raise he just has to fold.

  2. If can definitely see a check behind here. The 97 flush is almost a bluff Catcher given the action.

  3. What episode is this? I been watching all the new ones and I haven’t seen this hand dont tell me you spoiled this hand for this week episode????

  4. Awesome that you are reviewing a HSP hand Bart! Hopefully you will be analyzing more hands in future episodes.

  5. Would've checked if I were BTN, AhJx would be the only hand to call a bet, and it would be a tanking call at best.

  6. Everyone going on about how Kenney should have checked back the river…
    Now I certainly don’t like an over-bet or pot sized bet on the River from Kenney. I don’t even like a half pot sized bet. I think the sizing he used is fine as a bet for value. I think a 1/4 to 1/3 pot sized bet on the river is fine and is going to get looked up by some inferior hands, even some hands that are just weak bluff catchers.
    Yeah $40k is a whole lot of money, but in this game its just a normal turn bet sizing. You don’t have to be right more than not to call $40k to win $140k. I think AJ and KJ call this bet all day, and I think its reasonable to think these type of hands will be played this way.
    I think the other guy played the hand better, but I dont think betting the river for a small sizing when checked to, when you have a flush, is ever “bad”.

  7. @crushlivepoker would you consider playing in this line up if offered a spot on the show?

  8. All the talk of mistakes in the comments. These guys are the very very best of the best esp Brin so we all need to assume they made the correct plays and ask ourselves why those plays were correct (and learn from that) rather than try to explain why (we think) they were wrong. Obviously Bart is a very very good player and has (maybe) earned the right to question the plays but even he would likely struggle against these guys and (sensibly) would not play in this line up with more than a tiny piece of himself. IMO at such a high level the only play even slightly questionable is Brandons river check and I think he would say that because Brin will bluff raise more rivers than anybody he did not want to face a river shove and have 2 bad choices. When deep Brin has a fearsome reputation for calling flop and turn then bombing the river with a massive over bet sometimes with complete air. Brins value bet when checked to is standard IMO. Against Brin, Brandon often feels he needs to call a river bet with A,J (Brandons most likely hand) especially when he showed weakness by checking himself. These guys do make the rare mistake but for every 50 times we think we see them make a mistake, 49 times we are just not good enough to completely grasp what is going on and one time it is a real mistake.

  9. Also on HSP where they know these hands will be viewed by competitors the incentive to run huge insane 3 street bluffs for the metagame is increased quite a bit.

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