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VPIP, short for ‘voluntarily puts $ into pot’, is the most important poker hud stat. Learn what this stat tells you about your opponent, how sample size relates to its reliability, and which players types correlate with different VPIPs. If you are looking for more information on a wide range of poker stats, check out this free video: http://www.thepokerbank.com/videos/splitsuit/hud-ninja/ …

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What Is VPIP? (Poker Stat) | Poker Quick Plays

10 thoughts on “What Is VPIP? (Poker Stat) | Poker Quick Plays

  1. I'm playing on Bovada and I don't have a HUD, so I'm making my own where I enter things manually. Since I'm new to HUD stats I needed to understand them for my little poker helper and the video you linked in the description was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for breaking all those down and telling how to use them.


  2. I'm playing at 10NL on Ignition Casino and found so far that the average player there is about 35/15. I'm trying to come up with a good default raising range. Does a VPIP of 35 mean 35% of hands?

  3. how can i correctly assign a preflop range with the average vpip stat when his action differs per position?
    i know how to cut down the range based op the average vpip a bit when villain for example is under the gun,
    but i dont know how to widen the range when the vpip is bigger in a specific position compared to the average vpip.
    do i just wait for a big enough sample size like 300 hands,
    so that i have a reasonable sample size of 50 (on 6-max table) for the vpip in a specific position?

  4. Hey guys can anyone recommend me some hud? also do you know of any huds that exist for linux?

  5. Hi, nice video, I have one more confusion, Suppose a player is playing the first time, so the number of hands is one, now in preflop he raised two times, so (2/1 * 100) = 200 %, is it true? or we understood wrong

  6. If the open pot limper had called the raise preflop, would his VPIP increase on top of his 100% VPIP he earned from the limp?

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