Dana White & Adin Ross Gamble High Stakes On Blackjack! *$1,000,000+*

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Dana White & Adin Ross High Roll On Blackjack And Require Huge Comeback To Win Hundreds Of Thousands!

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Dana White & Adin Ross Gamble High Stakes On Blackjack! *$1,000,000+*

10 thoughts on “Dana White & Adin Ross Gamble High Stakes On Blackjack! *$1,000,000+*

  1. Great at their craft.. terrible at gambling. Who tf splits 4s lol. Playing big stakes doesn't make you good. But if you got the money to lose then why not I guess. Keep playing that way and you won't have it for long.. you look cool tho I guess

  2. Stayin on 16 when the dealer is showing a 10??? Come on DUDE!!!! ALWAYS HIT ON 16!

  3. That dealer needs to go to jail … the dealers in gta 5 casino gone get they issue the SECOND they walk outside.! imma send mercenaries at that stealing bihh 😡 take all ma damn money.!

  4. lol bro casinos ( ESPECIALLY THIS LADY ) are rigged… why she pull a 20 everyone …. 😑 RIGGED

  5. I have been there before and she is under investigation for scamming high limit players make sure to call and complain

  6. At those stakes you'd think they'd freshen up that drink so we don't have to hear him suck on that withered ice over and over again.

  7. I honestly would have so many questions for someone who is or was a card dealer.

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