Playing 3-Bet Pots in No Limit Hold’em | Live Strategy Session

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Evan approaches a tough spot for most beginner and intermediate poker players, playing those oh so uncomfortable 3-bet pots. They may be big, but they don’t have to be scary, watch this video and your confidence in these situations will instantly increase.


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Playing 3-Bet Pots in No Limit Hold’em | Live Strategy Session

8 thoughts on “Playing 3-Bet Pots in No Limit Hold’em | Live Strategy Session

  1. haha when you said "I know Im beat by the flush but im gonna call just to show you guys." And he shows 10 3 with a small pair. Gotta love fish. Once you learn this game it really is funny to see the mistakes people make.

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  3. the A9o hand was very interesting. I play 5nl, where almost every player is a complete novice, and I often see that exact same line progression with fd's from villains. they donk with fd cuz they don't don't know how to play it. you raise them and they snap on every street because they're novice players just trying to make a draw. they'll snap call on turn with pp too, of course. but in this instance they got there on river enough to make clicking back the better play. awesome video, sir

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