{WOW} Double Deck Blackjack Strategy + 1-3-2-4 and Rising Sun + 4 Sessions And $600 Won/Loss?

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It’s now the 4th of November, and while I literally made $1000 3 days ago, it feels like ‘forever’ since I’ve been to the casino LOL

I guess, when you win, and you’ve documented your wins (and losses) through this special app…and then employ certain ‘statements’ out loud (during the poker game) you really want to go back and see if it’ll work again. But… I digress, and we can’t forget about this amazing new double deck blackjack strategy, with the tips and advice that will help you earn around $300+ per hour, with a $1000 session roll and the rules of the game as follows:

**2 Decks, Double After Split, No Surrender, Dealer Hits on Soft 17

I play 4 sessions, pretending I’m in Black Hawk, CO and I’ve got $1000 for every session.

Watch as I show you how to minimize losses, and maximize winnings using 1324 and Rising Sun and Perfect Basic Strategy to win $600 over 4 sessions, and even if we make that 2 hours, that’s still $300hr (fake) ROI which could easily become $100 per hr/real.

# GOAL: Make 10% MIN on your Session Roll and call it quits for the session. There’s no max anymore but definitely set a min.

This makes me money and I can’t complain until I lose!

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{WOW} Double Deck Blackjack Strategy + 1-3-2-4 and Rising Sun + 4 Sessions And $600 Won/Loss?

6 thoughts on “{WOW} Double Deck Blackjack Strategy + 1-3-2-4 and Rising Sun + 4 Sessions And $600 Won/Loss?

  1. Thank you again for your videos! Keep up all your hard work! I wish I would have known about how much I was gonna love black jack when I lived in central city! Miss me some black hawk!! 🙂

  2. Hey Brunson! Have you ever used the surrender option? FYI, it really saves on loses and lowers the house edge. It allows you to surrender your first two cards and get half your money back. If I have a 15, or 16 (which are the main bust hands) I'll surrender against a dealer's Ace, Nine, 10 or face card. When I play on online, I always take advantage of surrender, saves me a ton!

  3. Ran this strategy don't like it. I think you've got more chance of losing a good bit of money in 30mins than seeing the 1% martingale chance in 30mins

  4. lollll…"ive done this 3 times and it almost failed each time but I lucked out with a double here and there…" tested 100000000000000000000 times…i have no clue but 3 is enough…love me

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