=###= [1-3-2-4 Betting System] for Blackjack, $500 Session Roll, $25 Min Bets, Wins $100s Per Hour!

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MAJOR PROPS to LISA W, one of our Subscribers who gave us the idea to try the 1-3-2-4 system instead of 1-3-2-6 because that would still allow us to earn our 2 units to make $50 per session, and would give us the ultimate edge over minimizing our losses.

In this video, we test it out on Blackjack, and we NAIL IT!!

The 1-3-2-4 System – $500 Session Roll – A NEW $100-$300 Per Hour Winner! – Best Blackjack Betting System Revealed As of 10-22-18 – Major Props to @Lisa W for the idea to do it this way!

# GOAL: Make 10% on your Session Roll and call it quits for the session. This makes me money and I can’t complain until I lose!


Welcome to the Brunson FX gaming channel where we show you our proven techniques and systems for beating online poker and various games where risk is involved.

We also can win at local casinos in cash games using our systems as well and aim to show you what’s working for us in hopes that you improve your play and profit consistently, but more importantly, have more fun gambling!

*Gamble at your own risk. Seek help if you have a problem.

Thank you for ALL the LIKES, SHARES, and SUBSCRIBES, we love how much this has grown, and helped other gaming enthusiasts perform better in casinos.

DISCLAIMER: We post videos strictly for entertainment purposes only. We show only the best “short game” tactics and strategies for winning early. Getting in and getting out quickly with profits! We are NOT open to meeting any players in person, doing any kind of business deal with shared profits or coaching in private sessions.

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=###= [1-3-2-4 Betting System] for Blackjack, $500 Session Roll, $25 Min Bets, Wins $100s Per Hour!

7 thoughts on “=###= [1-3-2-4 Betting System] for Blackjack, $500 Session Roll, $25 Min Bets, Wins $100s Per Hour!

  1. @brunson fx I was on the strip tonight and put this to the test with $100 bankroll. Walking away with 10% each time. I hit so many damn tables and got a few funny looks but after 3 hours came home with $280 plus my original $100! You are going to let me walk away from my day job man! 😂

  2. I just recently tried this betting strategy and saw my bankroll rise 30% in about an hour I was very impressed! Could you explain more why you end your session after 5 hands (ideally) and start a new one? Trying to evaluate whether this could be viable for American Blackjack online where I can play 150-200 hands an hour.

  3. When you say you walk away. Does that mean you cash out and stop playing altogether or just go to another table? Why wouldn't you stay at the table and keep playing? Thank you.

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