Adin Ross Pulls Out SECRET Strategy !!

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Adin Ross Pulls Out SECRET Strategy !!

9 thoughts on “Adin Ross Pulls Out SECRET Strategy !!

  1. You're never truly locked in unless it's a double-nostril lock in. That's Adin's exclusive technique.

  2. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life and Blessings upon me and my family. $72,000 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!

  3. I can't stand how stupid this dude is. It tells you how much you won, he clicks rebet and it tells him his bet. DiD i PRoFiT? No you guy, you didn't.

  4. Bro credits for the addit in this video! I hate it when they play music en you cant hear what they say but you did it perfect!!

  5. Keep up the grind bro love the content and if you are working with all the work you do is a big congrats too you!

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