Public School Teacher Wins $50k Counting Cards

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0“Jkat” a middle school teacher spent his summer vacation doing something unexpected. Traveling from casino to casino across the country, racking up over $50k in winnings by counting cards at Blackjack. We discuss the challenges and experiences our guest encountered during this unforgettable card counting road trip that took him coast to coast.

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Basic Strategy:

0:00 How Jkat found Card Counting
06:43 1st year playing
09:58 Traveling locally
10:32 Summer road trip plan
14:10 Charging an EV
17:45 Sleeping in Casino Parking Lots
22:15 Work/Play Balance
23:18 Backoffs & Aggressive Play
25:38 Planning Casino Routes
30:04 Showing I.D.
33:38 Students & Donating to Schools
36:00 Money Protection
39:35 Favorite Town & Illegal Surfing
43:54 Trip Stats & Partying with Ploppies
49:12 Blackjack Road Trip Advice

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Public School Teacher Wins $50k Counting Cards

10 thoughts on “Public School Teacher Wins $50k Counting Cards

  1. If only the salary and value of a quality teachers matched the cost of living in NY these days, one might not have to count cards. Nice grind though!!!

  2. This is why I love listening to those out there on the road in the grind….I get new ways to deal with the ID dance.

  3. Loving the testimonial videos this should definitely encourage people to learn rather than gamble blindly

  4. the masks probably helped a lot with getting hours in

    Arthur Ave deli hell yea!

  5. Casinos limit all tables, close pit…

    "We will save $$$ no matter how much it costs"


  6. Ask Joe if he will lend me that disguise he has on. 😂 I’m sure it’ll help my longevity.

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