ASMR | Friendly 5-Star Blackjack Dealer (basic strategy)

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Welcome back to the Sensory Resort, Spa, and Casino. I’ll guide you through basic strategy, and as always, wish you the best of luck!

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This video features:
Role Play
Soft spoken
Chip sounds
Card shuffling

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ASMR | Friendly 5-Star Blackjack Dealer (basic strategy)

10 thoughts on “ASMR | Friendly 5-Star Blackjack Dealer (basic strategy)

  1. been watching this playlist almost everyday 🤩 i think some chill jazz music really goes with this

  2. Thanks for letting me keep that 2k I lost on the last hand ur such a kind guy lol jokes another great blackjack video 👏

  3. You didn't have Lagavulin or Oban! What kind of establishment is this? 😉

  4. I like the little splash of red with all the black. Very sharp. Thanks, Mr. J. <3

  5. “The green chips are worth $1,000, the blue $500, and the red $100.”

    Yikes. I’d ask where the chips worth $10 are, but I’d probably be pointed in the direction of the vending machine.

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