ASMR | High Stakes Blackjack (Basic Strategy Wins)

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Welcome back to the Sensory Resort, Spa, and Casino. I’ll guide you through basic strategy, and as always, wish you the best of luck!

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This video features:
Role Play
Soft spoken
Chip sounds
Card shuffling

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ASMR | High Stakes Blackjack (Basic Strategy Wins)

10 thoughts on “ASMR | High Stakes Blackjack (Basic Strategy Wins)

  1. Strategy? sneaks into the back of the class and hopes there won’t be a test 😎

  2. Spot on. Takes me right back to being at the bellagio watching my chips disappear.

  3. You have quickly become my favourite asmr youtuber as of recently. Your voice especially is so softening to me 🥰

  4. New Subscriber here! Love what I've seen from your videos so far. Your whispers and soft spoken are awesome! Also, weird question but I need to know what product you use to get your hair like that. Also that's a very nice Tie sir.

  5. when i was in highschool i had such a fixation on blackjack and i just turned 21 so i actually wanna try the real deal 😭😭

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