Bad Blackjack Players: What Should You Do About Them?

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There are a lot of other blackjack players in a casino and some of them have no idea what they are doing. How does the poor play of other players at the blackjack table affect your odds and what should you do about it?

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Bad Blackjack Players: What Should You Do About Them?

10 thoughts on “Bad Blackjack Players: What Should You Do About Them?

  1. Hit on 18 take a 10 card and the deal will have it I stop play I was bet 50 to 500 hand

  2. The other players at the game cannot affect the overall outcome of the game. That is one of the biggest myths in blackjack.

  3. It's simple common sense. The cards are completely random, so it doesn't matter at all what the other players do. The next card could be good or it could be bad. It's just plain stupid thinking to think that it matters what the other players do. All that matters is what YOU do.

  4. I've seen just today someone put $200 max bet for two spots some random kid came bet 10 & dealer had shown 6 he hit on a 14 felt so bad for the other guy who was playing big

  5. More players at the table are good for the suckers, because they get fewer hands per hour plus entertainment value of seeing other players' hands in shoe games. For card counters (putting issues of casino heat aside), we prefer empty tables where we can get more hands per hour.

  6. Truthfully every play of a card makes a difference to that hand But not over time as
    you've shown here….. lol, the person that has issue w/ other players has already
    made his ability to play be shaken because of his lack of ability in dealing w/ the
    normal stresses of a real BJ Table at the Casino. There is always a measure of luck
    in the game but over time it balances out to the odds you already know. Knowing
    when you should quit playing is far more important to winning overall in blackjack
    and that too is subject to "luck" as well. A lively wild table of gamblers can work
    out in your favor when the Dealer gets rattled over them or over a high better at
    the table. That's exactly the situation I look for to win…… peace

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