Poker Strategy: Kd Td royal draw plus pair

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In this hand the Hero leads the turn after the flop gets checked through with a huge draw but little fold equity. Should he check call the river with third pair?

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Poker Strategy: Kd Td royal draw plus pair

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Kd Td royal draw plus pair

  1. You have to fold river. He has to 2pair plus. What If he was bluffing with Js Xs your losing this bluff

  2. The look on Barts face when he said he called because of a GTO move lol. This is an insta fold. Poker at these levels isn't nearly the puzzle people make it out to be.

  3. Why not lead the flop? Try to get worse flushdraws to call behind you and build a bigger pot for when you hit the nuts. Even if you get raised you don't mind, you can easily call that raise and it's not very likely in the first place. Also if the original raiser has a small Ax hand he will often check back here instead of betting into the field, but if you lead out he will have to call with that small Ax. Just go lead lead lead here on many runouts, you can rep 66, A6 and AJ.

  4. Can't understand why consistent uploads of quality content gets 0 views =[ keep it up Bart & team we are watching!!

  5. I used to play speculative hands like these you have to have a sound pre flop strat so i would suggest squeezing here but if you happen to call a turn check/call would have been ideal

  6. Check folding river > blocker bet > donk jamming > check calling. So hero check called and actually submitted this hand 🤔

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