Bigger Blackjack Bets / $100-$400 Per Hand / Real Casino Play

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Bigger Bets! What can go wrong? High limit Blackjack filmed on location at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas, NV. JV plays basic strategy double deck Blackjack. This is a nail biter of a session!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play with our own real money in a real casino with permission from the casino to film. We are not sponsored in any way. We receive no promotional chips and all wins and losses are authentic. Thanks for watching.

We appreciate all of our subscribers, viewers and comments. We love going LIVE and love interacting with you all. We know your time is valuable and how many slot channels there are on YouTube…please know every single one of you is appreciated. We want to hear from you! Please leave us a comment and say Hi!
~ Tanya & JV

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Bigger Blackjack Bets / $100-$400 Per Hand / Real Casino Play

10 thoughts on “Bigger Blackjack Bets / $100-$400 Per Hand / Real Casino Play

  1. Ugh rough session, you never got a good streak going. Hopefully you make it up on the next session. Would rather have a fast dealer than one that looks at the cards before placing them on the table.

  2. If you're bank roll is $2500 maybe play $50 2 boxes can get better results.

  3. I hope that Tanya was out making back the money that you donated to Patrick ! That last shoe was rough but I figured you would come back. It was not to be this time. Great video. I always enjoy them.

  4. Played along using my system and here is where we both stood after each shoe. End of 1st shoe I was at $4,600/You $2,450…..End of second shoe I was at $7,700/ You $2,450 and at the end of the final shoe I cashed out with $8,850/ You $1,900!!

  5. ❤ the new higher stake stream, hope you try to shuffle it up with 2 hands when its not working with 1 hand. Goodluck!

  6. Jeez, didn’t see a single tip bet let alone a tip for the dealer 🤦🏽‍♂️ especially gambling with hundreds, I hope you took care of them off camera…

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