Simple Trick to Catch Them Bluffing (Works Every Time)

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Here is the simple strategy I use to catch them in a bluff (almost) every single time. Use this simple trick next time they try to bluff you.

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Simple Trick to Catch Them Bluffing (Works Every Time)

10 thoughts on “Simple Trick to Catch Them Bluffing (Works Every Time)

  1. How often do you catch them in a bluff? Also, here are the 5 easy poker strategies I recommend for beginners:

  2. The link doesn;t show you the cheat sheets showign which hands to open in each position. It just gives you a pdf with links to books you can buy with this information in. Have I missed somethign Nathan?

  3. The thing most people fail to understand is that in some hands, the opponent will indeed call from the button with a 5-6, thus making trips on this board. In this case, they have us crushed. That's ok. For each time that they have it, there will be like 5 other times where they don't. Basically, you lose one, you win 5.

  4. Hey Man I love your trainnings. If I can afford coaching to take poker more seriously I will for sure use yours.

  5. What about the bet sizing? Would you also call 3 pot size bets against this aggro player?

  6. by my own account playing those kinds of mid pairs is dangerous post flop if you dont hit a set. yes he could be betting to reach the set, but most of the time i played hands like that and observed players say checking pocet tens on a similar board, they just check and mostly check/fold if the board is wet. so betting here like you said makes no sense if the guy has those pocket pairs. you are at a massive disadvantage from other players who would have a strong range from mid/late position so like you said they must be bluffing.

  7. Not sure about this. Oftentimes, donkeys will have something to beat AK. Might not be much but doesn't have to be. Depends on the player and the situation.

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