Blackjack Bet Spreads Guide (Card Counting)

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Welcome to a full guide of blackjack bet spreads for card counting. Understanding bet spreads and knowing what are the exact amounts to bet can really increase your blackjack profits as a card counter. If you enjoyed this guide make sure to drop a like and subscribe for more blackjack card counting tips & tricks.

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Blackjack Bet Spreads Guide (Card Counting)

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Bet Spreads Guide (Card Counting)

  1. I was backed off for two hands at $80 in $10 double deck. It's a good spread but doesn't guarantee you won't get backed off.

  2. Hey is the free card counting software accurate and still up and running???
    Thanks for the vids! 😌

  3. So if the true count is 5 or 6 and the floor is busy and not paying attention, how much can you increase the bet, 160? Or even more if it's a true count of 6?

  4. like all your videos.
    I use bet spread as a maximum bet. and start bets at a percentage of bet spread. so never looks like card counting, and maximizes winning. about 80% wins. 1/3 of my income comes from blackjack. but also don't use hilo any more. unbalanced only. and i do know hilo almost perfectly. i do put this out here. because i wonder if any one interested in learning this new system. none like it on internet. yet was developed by all info here on internet. and tested by spreadsheets, and 2 card counting software programs. ????? hmm ???

  5. A bigger bet spread can maximize your profits but it also EXPONENTIALLY increases the needed bankroll size to reach an acceptable risk of ruin (bankruptcy). With a variance of 3 units at a $25 table I’m safe starting with $1200. But going up to 8 units needs a starting bankroll of $10,000 or else you will go broke 1/3 of the time. Even with perfect basic strategy and card counting you will lose 10 hands in a row every 3 hours or so. That’s the main reason the most successful professional card counters organized into teams — to pool their money into a bigger bankroll and decrease their chances of losing everything on a bad night.

  6. hey blackjack this bet spread just helped me out but there are no videos on youtube of people actually playing and using this can you play with a friend dealer and talk while you play like say the count and ur conversion to true count and why and when ur raising your bet.

  7. Your concept of bet spread is almost correct with 6 decks, but
    you have to consider bankroll size
    and risk of ruin. I can't do 1―8 bet
    spread unless bankroll grows to at
    least 1k. I use half-kelly betting scheme when it comes to playing
    at red chipper tables. I kwow small bet spread can't be beaten in such shoe games, and maximuize EV,but I want to put in more hours
    to play and get to long run. Id like
    to hear your thought toward invoice card counters like me. l am
    a Japanese card counter and gear up for practing card conting. I am going to go to Lasvegas this December, mainly targeting at off-strip districts.

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