Good craps strategy? An alternative to the Iron Cross

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Good craps strategy?  An alternative to the Iron Cross

4 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? An alternative to the Iron Cross

  1. I was a hard core believer in the Iron Cross because I liked the concept of covering every number until this video. It really makes you think that for $3 more, you can do all place bets at $64 across and potentially win more rather that bet $61 on the 5 6 8 and the field and win just even money on the field bet. Every time you hit with the Iron Cross, you either win $10 or $11. With $64 across, it's $14 every time you hit a number. Great idea about using the Horn to cover the rest of the numbers. If someone is so stressed out that the 2 3 11 12 isn't covered like an Iron Cross, then just throw a $4 bet on the Horn. It is way better to throw $4 on the Horn than $10 on the field.
    But what shocked me the most when I tried the $64 across and $4 on the Horn: How many times the 2 3 11 12 didn't hit. Since I was now doing Horn bets to cover the 2 3 11 12, I was keeping track on how many times I won the Horn, which was RARE. On the few times I did win the horn, I either broke even on my overall Horn bets or I was way past the point of diminished returns: What I won on the Horn didnt even out to what I lost on the Horn.
    So basically, my obsession with trying covering almost every number with the Iron Cross ended when I switched to Horn bets and saw just how rare the 2 3 11 12 actually hit.

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