Blackjack • Should You Triple Your Bets & Let it Ride When You’re Losing? I DID!!!!!

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Aggressive Blackjack betting on the 3rd shoe here. Played basic Blackjack strategy but the game is tough today. Great video if you’re learning how to play black jack in the casino. Double Deck Blackjack session with JV from Vegas Gamblers at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. JV bets $50 – $250 in this double deck Blackjack session. Dealer hits on soft 17.
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Blackjack • Should You Triple Your Bets & Let it Ride When You’re Losing?  I DID!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Blackjack • Should You Triple Your Bets & Let it Ride When You’re Losing? I DID!!!!!

  1. Do you all think JV bet too aggressive in that last shoe? Lots of Hail Mary bets!!! Smash that like button if you have played Blackjack and just went for broke when you're losing!!! Thanks for watching. See you Friday!

  2. end of first shoe you had $350/ I had $1,025. End of second shoe you had $475/ I had $640….and in the end you had $0 and I had $975. Tough shoe!!

  3. JV, you are correct about the average winning hand. We mortals round this to 18 1/2. Amazing that applies only if you play perfect "fundamental" blackjack as we see on the cards you can buy in the gift shop. All of that is based on one thing. The down card for the dealer is a face card. There is, however, a theoretical blackjack that I have seen played and is often played in the high dollar blackjack tournaments. It is based purely on the next card that the dealer has to take so the more cards that you can make the dealer take, the more likely it is that he was bust. People who use that theory most of the time end up at the table by themselves because it drives everyone else crazy. I enjoyed the video, as always.

  4. Hey folks! wow that first shoe really sucked. after the first few losses i would’ve played a second hand or asked Tanya to jump in just to break up the cards

  5. You always have to double on your double downs. This is a huge part of the little house edge of the game, if you don't have enough money , then you have to adjust your betting so you enough for all possible doubles and splits per hand. Betting like you do is very careless for a number of reasons, so needless to say. Yes it's a very bad move for gamblers to chase their losses. You of course are not counting and you'll never know what is an edge to bet more or not to bet more. The best play for the average gambler is min bets and I know that you guys don't want to hear that. Best of luck with your channel

  6. The amount of times I've gone to the felt, and said "welp, if this is it this is it" and come back is way too dang high.

    Last time in Vegas — DD High limit at the horseshoe I went from 400 to 100 to 2200, and second time on a six deck — went from 500 to 50 to 1900. So yeah — I totally get this haha

  7. 10$ tables everywhere?? Do they pay 3:2? Man what was I doing at Bellagio with 15$ 6:5 tables a year ago on my trip??😢

  8. Yes, better n double comeback next session 😁😁! Take care n enjoy yr day 🙏🙏🙏!

  9. Now that’s gambling! Definitely not your usual betting style but it was exciting seeing you go for it. Good session.

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