7 PREFLOP Poker Tips For NEW Players

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New #poker players make a lot of PREFLOP mistakes, so I wanted to share 7 tips with you to fix these leaks quickly. By replacing losing plays and hands with either increased aggression or folds, preflop gets simpler. And postflop actually gets more profitable too!

Many of these leaks were noticeable in my $1/$2 #VLOG where my opponents routinely made these errors. Open-limping, isolation raising too small, and calling way too often preflop, to name a few. If you like this video, please share it with a friend who’s just starting to play poker you know needs a few preflop tips to get started!

00:00 Preflop Poker Tips Intro
00:31 Tip 1: Never Open-Limp
01:55 Tip 2: Raise Bigger Over Limps
03:48 Tip 3: Call Less Often
05:12 Tip 4: Play Your Big Hands Fast
06:22 Tip 5: Focus On Position
09:26 Tip 6: Crush Risk-Averse Players
10:52 Tip 7: Know Your Ranges
13:07 Overview


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7 PREFLOP Poker Tips For NEW Players

10 thoughts on “7 PREFLOP Poker Tips For NEW Players

  1. The only time I open limp is when I have an aggressive player to my left and I plan to limp raise.

  2. The “never open limp” advice does not apply to limit Hold’em. In limit no one goes away for one more bet, so the opposite is best: see a flop as cheaply as possible.

  3. Solid video, even for those of us that have played for years but not daily. Love the game, but don't have the time to shine a seat more than once a week.

  4. Love the videos! Definitely would love to see a snapshot for Postflop play. I’m currently going through both of your workbooks pre-flop math, as well as Postflop.

  5. Hey James, I'm a big fan of your videos and appreciate the consistency, overall content and visual quality of your videos. There is one thing however that triggers me a little. Your audio. Honestly, it's relatively flat compared to other YT creators and there is a discrepancy in total output volume. Obviously I have no idea which apps/mic/audio interface you use to record and render your content. That said, having a good mic is one thing, but being able to enhance and tweak it with some minor EQ and compressor can go a long way. Either in pre- (OBS built in plugins) or post production (DAW or video editing software).

    I hope this might give you a nudge to look further into the matter and I'll be looking forward to hear if you make any progress on this behalf. Best greetings from Germany! 🙂

  6. Where i play we pre flop raise to usually 7-15 big blinds and 3 bet 30+ big blinds. Is this normal?

  7. Must be nice to play in a game that 12x gets folds. My most recent example of limp calls was yesterday's game everyone limped and I raised to $40 and every single limper called. Keep in mind this is a 1/2 game with a $200 capped buy in. After that I bumped it up to $100 to get folds. Absolutely insane to have to et 50% of my stack to get folds.

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