Blackjack Strategy from Former Card Counters (Basic Strategy Blackjack – How to Count Cards)

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Blackjack Strategy: WagerTalk TV host Kelly Stewart sits down with professional bettors Anthony Curtis and Gianni the Greek to discuss Blackjack strategy on this episode of Vegas Life. If you are looking for more casino tips and an insider look at Las Vegas make sure to follow us at We hope you enjoyed this episode of Vegas Life on VBlackjack Strategy from Former Card Counter and would love to hear your feedback in the comments below and remember to like and share all of our videos.

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About Anthony Curtis: He has been seen dozens of times on the Travel Channel, A&E, Discovery, E! Entertainment, BBC, and on and on. And you frequently read his comments in the national press. He’s Anthony Curtis and he’s the most recognized and quoted Las Vegas expert in the world.

Anthony moved to Las Vegas in 1978, shortly after he turned 21. As a young scuffler without much of a bankroll, he had to rely on his gambling skills, his street smarts, and casino promotions, loss leaders, and inadvertent largesse. In the process of taking advantage of every coupon, steak special, and drink discount in town, he became an authority in navigating Vegas on the cheap. It didn’t take him long to realize that plenty of Las Vegas visitors and locals could profit from his expertise and advice. Thus, in 1983, the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter was born.

Today, 34 years, nearly 400 issues monthly of LVA, more than 100 books, and thousands of web pages later … if you’re looking for some of the best information about Las Vegas and gambling, Anthony Curtis and his web site are one of the best resources you can find.

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Blackjack Strategy from Former Card Counters (Basic Strategy Blackjack – How to Count Cards)

5 thoughts on “Blackjack Strategy from Former Card Counters (Basic Strategy Blackjack – How to Count Cards)

  1. When there are 6 or 8 deck games and the cut card is buried about 75% deep, counting cards barely gives you an edge. A one or two deck game is different, however, the casinos frequently reshuffle now. I use basic strategy but I also look for sequences without necessarily counting. After a series of low or high cards in sequence, that tells me whether to raise or lower the bet.

  2. With all due respect and I DO respect anybody who can legitimately make a living from gambling, there's a reason as to why the title has "FORMER" card counters and they keep talking about the past. Obviously, any SUCCESSFUL card counter (which these 2 are) would be banned from playing black jack. Want to know the reason? It's because of greed. Usually people don't know when to stop and take too much. Then again, you're not going to go to the casino to just win a measly $1-200 for the day and then leave. Although I've tried to learn card counting in the past, I think it's a waste to buy all the equipment and spend all that time practicing only to get banned from playing blackjack on your third, forth, whatever session. Also, if anybody claims to be a successful card counter ask them these 2 questions. 1. "Do you have a normal job?" If yes, then they're not successful at it or 2, "Do they allow you to count cards at your local casino?" If yes, then they suck at counting cards because the pit bosses allow them to return and play otherwise they would have been banned.

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