How to Make $5000 a Month Playing Poker (Advanced Strategy)

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In today’s video I am going to show you how to make $5000 a month playing poker, even as an amateur.

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You will learn how to get the maximum value out of the recreational players and also bluff the the good players.

These are really the two keys to making $5000 per month playing poker or more!

Have you ever made $5000 a month playing poker? Or is $5k a month something you dream of one day?

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How to Make $5000 a Month Playing Poker (Advanced Strategy)

10 thoughts on “How to Make $5000 a Month Playing Poker (Advanced Strategy)

  1. Do you make $5000 a month playing poker? Also, check out my other new video on how much money poker players ACTUALLY make these days:

  2. Wow i hope you opent 89o for the fish in blind. You cant call a 3b against 2 players with that hand but to be hounest a 4b is also outta line with a hand like that. You gotta have a dead one read against the tag player vs 3b. Against good players its def -ev.

  3. 5000 a month playing low stakes online in 2021 as an amateur….is this a troll?

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  5. Thank you for your continued, faithful support of our hospital iDEBTSOFF on iG is legit

  6. Do You think that shifting your Play style in this stakes make thinking player more money? For example play 10000 hands like TAG player and than change your style of playing to LAG? I AM talking abouts pool of 90 procent od regs pool in PokerStars.?

  7. These channels make me laugh I have made 10k this month playing 2/5 Amber I made 3k a week playing 1/2 but I play 12 plus hour sessions slow grind

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