Card Counting 101 – Mike Aponte – MIT Blackjack Team

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Mike Aponte, leader of the MIT Blackjack Team featured in the movie 21, provides a Card Counting 101 from the Def Con XX conference in Las Vegas.You can learn more about card counting at

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Card Counting 101 – Mike Aponte – MIT Blackjack Team

10 thoughts on “Card Counting 101 – Mike Aponte – MIT Blackjack Team

  1. Being able to keep a running count is meaningless unless you have the strategy tables to follow WITHOUT ERROR.
    Start with basic strategy and practice it on a blackjack program on your tablet.
    When you can play flawless strategy for a minimum of 3 hours without error, then add in keeping track of the running count.
    Keep playing basic strategy, and keep a running count, betting 2 units when the count is positive, and betting one unit when it is negative.
    If the running count is above 4 per deck in the shoe, let any wins ride, then reset back to one or two units if you win that let it ride bet.

    Remember, you are just playing basic strategy and keeping track of the count. Changing from 1 to 2 unit bets and "letting it ride" every so often should not cause you to be flagged as a counter. Remember to be sociable at the table and you will blend in well.

  2. Counting cards this weekend right now. No guarantees. Sometimes it works and sometimes you get your ass handed to you no matter the count. I lost $400 of my $500 profit last night when the running count was +20. bad but oh well. Gotta weather the swings

  3. It takes a team and to keep track of a 6 deck shu it makes it impossible really!

  4. If dealer has a face card you hit on everything below a 17 and if dealer shows a 2-you stop at 12 or better! My 30 sec explanation!

  5. Ok seems easy enough. just sold my house going to Vegas now to apply what I just learned. Wish me luck!

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