High Limit Blackjack Again – Just Barely Pulled it Out!

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By the skin of his teeth! JV gambles on high limit Blackjack with minimum bets of $100 up to $400 a hand. Filmed on location at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas, NV. JV plays basic strategy double deck Blackjack. This is a nail biter of a session!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play with real money in a real casino with permission from the casino to film. We are not sponsored in any way. We receive no promotional chips and all wins and losses are authentic. Thanks for watching.

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~ Tanya & JV

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High Limit Blackjack Again – Just Barely Pulled it Out!

10 thoughts on “High Limit Blackjack Again – Just Barely Pulled it Out!

  1. Ask the dealer to not slow roll flipping the card when your hitting.Your losing the excitement because he saw it first before you see it.

  2. Awesome last hand to hv a win πŸ‘! Tanya laughter is contagious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Hv a wonderful day guys πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™!

  3. I love the way play a 1000 it’s clean personally bet 50 man when shoe hot… we bet same amount 100 step hands personally 1000 I run split hands 200 a pop run 5 hands and run my man lol but I am think in hole pretty smart player… sake high bet not for me percentage 100 single run 5 gs one shoe nice battle sir

  4. The videos are cool but I wish I could see him make some gambling bets to at least double up his money it’s good he’s not losing but unfortunately not really winning either. My advice is to throw in more than just one $400 bet randomly not just when your down

  5. I thought you would've went to your 2 hand strategy at least once when Don't was getting all those 20's in the second shoe,just to throw the cards off a little bit!!! Great video though from two of my favorite YouTube gamblers

  6. Wow. That was a actuality fun to watch. No whining during the bad hands and the dealers like you, something Vic from ACA should try.
    Found my new favorite blackjack channel

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