How Important Are Card Counting Playing Deviations?

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Card counters beat blackjack by varying their bets and by changing our playing decisions when the count warrants it. But how important are these playing deviations?

Some people claim they don’t need playing deviations, and others are simply too intimidated to learn them. So we thought we would provide a breakdown of the value of the playing deviations to a card counter.


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How Important Are Card Counting Playing Deviations?

10 thoughts on “How Important Are Card Counting Playing Deviations?

  1. If this garbage really worked casinos would not have blackjack available and dealers would be out of jobs. Also the fee people that do make money at blackjack would be smart not to tell people how they do it because this could make blackjack no longer available to play in the future. Also some casinos are moving to an automatic shuffling after each hand is dealt making it impossible to count cards. As well as giving the house a much bigger advantage. You also should remember that counting cards has it ups and downs meaning the house can beat you with high cards as well, meaning you need a large bankroll to profit money in the long haul. If you are able to win sooner or later you will be banned from the casino. Your best bet is to keep your day job and stay away from the casinos

  2. Also casinos can flat bet you, that means you can play but you cant go up on your bet, it's much more complicated that what you see on tiv like the movie 21 or what you see on YouTube or the internet. There are countless of people that run to the casino thinking they can win after watching the movie 21 or something they saw online and most of them lose their shirt.

  3. Oh PLEASE. Don't use monte carlo simulations when you can figure out what you need to figure out EXACTLY. I didn't use some software someone else wrote when I did it, I used matlab and made my own programs. But it's obvious what the result is…. that the "advanced strategy" as I call it, that has a much smaller effect, BUT it is an addition to the mean performance without increasing the standard deviation much…. whereas changing your bet size alone, does much more to increase your mean performance, but at a heavy cost of standard deviation. In other words, advanced strategy is less important in the effect it has on the mean, but it is improvement on performance for FREE, it doesn't have negative side effects. The negative side effect of betting big when the count gets high is that you can lose those big bets…. and you wouldn't be betting big if the count wasn't high. So the count getting high could cause you to lose a lot of money that you wouldn't have lost otherwise. However, by varying basic strategy to produce advanced strategy, that is improvement without cost or side effect.

  4. This content is genuinely so amazing! HUGE thanks much for all this free-to-access info!

  5. Thanks for all the info you provide on blackjack, it's much appreciated. But there seems to be some conflicting information here. $25k bankroll with a 1-12 spread gives a ROR of 5.5%.
    Per your website talking about recommended bankroll assuming perfect blackjack and 1-12 spread as used here:

    "1000 units: ~1% Risk of Ruin"

    How does that work?

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