Craps Betting Strategy – IRON CROSS VS. 22 INSIDE

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Which method should I use Friday when I head to the casino? The dice will let me know!

If you would like me to try your strategy and see how I do with it just head over to my Facebook page and follow the directions I have pinned on the timeline.

LET IT ROLL is for Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players that would like to learn, share or give me some advice. Its a place for all to enjoy each others knowledge and input. I will try to put a craps betting strategy tutorial up as often as possible.

I try to throw with dice control. Before I throw I set my dice or dice setting to try to become a controlled shooter. I will do my best to put live craps or real craps video on my channel when I can get away with it lol. Been asked twice to not record already.

I appreciate and respect all my subscribers and would love to see us all COLOR UP, whether I can help you or you can help me either way that would be awesome!!!

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Craps Betting Strategy – IRON CROSS VS. 22 INSIDE

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – IRON CROSS VS. 22 INSIDE

    Great video LetItRoll! Looking forward to your casino trip report!

  2. I like iron cross but 2 units on 5 6 8 and one unit then when field hits press one unit press inside to out 2 times after that collect 2 to 3 wins then pull down

  3. I’d have to agree with CP99. 22 inside or any multiple thereof. Noteable difference to your method would be passline bet as opposed to don’t pass.
    Additionally I am happy to take bets down before my SOR limit.

  4. Why do you bet against your self with no pass when your shooting , I use the don't pass on shooter but not on my self I believe in my dice control to able to hit my point

  5. great video, I like the iron cross but I take my winnings from the field and press the 4,9,10 and depending on whos throwing I turn them off after 5 or 6 throws and just play the field until the number comes up or they 7 out

  6. would love to see you compare the iron cross vs Al Kaufmann's 444 method.. pls consider it thanks..

  7. It all depends on the day lol. Because one shooter might be hitting the outside numbers one day and the inside numbers the other day. So it will all be the same but iron cross will be the best strategy to win in the long run because you always making profit on every roll

  8. I would like to see the iron cross with a collect and press on the place bets to recover some of the losses from the field.

  9. I only play the Iron Cross on Random shooters and want to get in and out in a short number of rolls. I play 34 on the 5,6,8 and $6 on the field. I press up the 6,8,5 (in that order) on each hit and after the 4th throw I either pull down or just go to 1 unit each on the 6 and 8. With the iron cross I am out faster because I win on every roll (except the 7) and play to 4 rolls.

    On my own throw I play 66 inside and press up for 4 hits and then drop down to the min.

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