How to Win a Blackjack Tournament

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Shaun Deeb tells PokerNews how he ran up a $300k bankroll playing online blackjack. He gives Sasha Salinger some tips for playing a blackjack tournament versus a blackjack cash game. Double on a 14????? Yup.
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How to Win a Blackjack Tournament

10 thoughts on “How to Win a Blackjack Tournament

  1. lol, I Imagined a dog signing up for a blackjack tournament with overlay. I knew what he meant though :>

  2. 2:00–2:16 woah woah woah, just think on what you said there pal. i mean depending on the cards, youre just asking to leave the casinos early my friend. and im sorry but blackjack stradegy and poker stradegy are completely different. next time just stick to the poker tourney advice. 😉

  3. How to win blackjack tournament? Isn't it all about luck.. if you're lucky you probably will win otherwise you'll loose

  4. I thought I was going to like this… Then I found myself sympathizing with the interviewer. lol

  5. WHAT?!?! This guy obviously CHEATED against that online site if he won a crap ton of money from it without even knowing how to play. His comments on winning a BJ tourney is to double on 14??? His further comments are even more ridiculous. I would give a thumbs up on this video if the title was something more on the lines of "How to win a BJ tourney and than wake up from a dream" or something along those lines.

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