Smart Blackjack: Winning Strategies & Essential Tips

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There IS a way to beat the house at Blackjack, by using a disciplined strategy and smart money management. You can increase your winnings greatly by using the basic strategy table, scoping out tables, settling for a large number of small wins, playing short sessions, and playing with the right people. Winning tips from a seasoned player. The 211345 system, tables to avoid, automatic shuffling machines, more.

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Smart Blackjack: Winning Strategies & Essential Tips

10 thoughts on “Smart Blackjack: Winning Strategies & Essential Tips

  1. Hi John. Your video is apsolutely worth to see for everyone whose interesting on Black Jack. Your explanations easy to undestand, clear enough. Thanks for sharing your strategies.

  2. yeah right the dealers in the hard never see the cards the Indians in Florida hard rock are robbing people for years to build all these fancy resorts wen I play I go out of town to regulated casinos where u actually win real money and maybe that casino may have money whoas they don’t even care about there dealers I no a lot of them that got cursed out so bad it’s a shame stay away from all Florida casinos there thieves period.

  3. BOY have you got your "facts" wrong. NO basic strategy wasn't developed by MIT in the 1970s! Basic strategy was known long before that. Card counting was developed by one man in 1959-1960, and he obviously couldn't have done that if he wasn't even armed with basic strategy as a starting point prerequisite. You might as well have claimed that the principles of air flight was developed by MIT in the 1970s. You don't need to simulate millions of hands to figure it out, the calculations are simple and straightforward without monte carlo simulations.

    The appearance of this video is so amateurish I can't stand to watch any more, I'm at the 4 minute mark, bye.

  4. There is more than a 50% chance of busting with a hard 15 as well, why don’t you recommend not hitting on 15?

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