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This is the best craps strategy ever and is considered the winning craps strategy that beats them all. This video teaches you how to play craps and teaches you the world’s best craps strategy ever. This craps betting strategy to win is the real deal and can be used in a casino. It’s a craps strategy that works, guaranteed 100%. Craps for beginners

Craps for beginners and craps YouTube videos that teach you how to play craps and how to win money playing craps. This YouTube channel is a craps tutorial and will show you how to make money playing craps.

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  1. Please, please believe me. This will destroy you sooner or later. I have seen 8, 9 and 10 non fields many times. Be careful. JMO.

  2. No betting strategy can overcome a house advantage. It can’t even dent a house advantage. You will lose the same percentage of money with your strategy that a player who bets the same way all the time. You will lose the same percentage as a player who doubles up after a win instead of a loss. If the field pays only double on 12, you will lose twice as fast. If you can control the dice, you are altering the house percentage. But you have to be pretty good to overcome a 2.7% advantage. If the field pays double on the 12, the percentage is 5.4%. It’s impossible to predict future decisions from past results. Every trial is an independent event. Roulette is the same way. But blackjack is not. Once a card has been removed from the deck, it can’t come up again until the deck is shuffled. Say a 6,5,9 , 5,9, and 8 are removed from the deck. On the next hand, those cards can’t come up anymore. So you are more likely to get a blackjack and get paid 3-2. If you pick up an 8 and a 4 for hard 12 and the dealer shows an Ace, you can take insurance with a mathematical advantage over the house. Every 43 times that you get this hand you lose 27 times and win 16 times but you get paid 2-1 on your wins. So you are 5 bets up every 43 times.

  3. That’s an 11.6 player advantage. Suppose you get the same hand having seen only those 3 cards. You would not take insurance because you would be losing 33 times and winning 16 times times 2 is 32 wins. That’s a 2% house advantage. That’s a huge difference just because you know that when cards have been played, they can’t come up again until the deck is shuffled. The principle is the same with the shoe, but you need to see a lot more cards before you can determine whether you have the odds in your favor. You should not play blackjack games that pay only 6-5 on blackjack and or continuously shuffled games.

  4. Horrible strategy! I don’t recommend this to anybody who wants be successful at craps. Those who play the field as their main betting strategy doesn’t understand the game of craps.

  5. I have done very well play in the field but I would not use this as a sole strategy. The odds are not with you. I have seen just as many no field no. as I have field no. rolled in a roll.

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