Straight Flush in $300,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament!

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Bill Klein makes a straight flush in the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl VI Main Event versus Justin Bonomo but can he get paid off on his massive hand?!

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Straight Flush in $300,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament!

9 thoughts on “Straight Flush in $300,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament!

  1. The straight flush is my favorite poker hand I mean the royal is great too but there’s something about the straight flush that gets me

  2. It's a very suspicious line to bet into four people on the flop, then to bet into three people after the flush and straights come in on the turn, and then to bet again on the river after the board pairs.

  3. Didn't think anyone would call overbet on river. Bad call rewarded by a bad raise with nuts. Should have value bet river and then hoping for a re-raise would have been a better percentage there you would think.

  4. Comment Bonomo ose payer ?! C'est la preuve que le masque empêche une bonne oxygénation du cerveau ! LoL

  5. I once lost a 300 dollar pot to a higher straight flush I think I 78 spades 910j spades I check he bets tnr blanks I'm counting my money, we both end up all in he flips over qk spades I then punch my PC 😂..

  6. Bill Klein’s real name is Calvin Klein he makes girls panties etc and is a billionaire

  7. Worst decision by Bonomo was to overcall on the turn after Foxen already called the bet. Can’t really blame him for being confused by the line Klein took on that runout at the end – given the situation only T9s and maaaaybe A9s made sense to play for value like that.

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