How to Stay Focused at the Poker Table – 60 Second Poker Advice

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How to Stay Focused at the Poker Table – 60 Second Poker Advice

10 thoughts on “How to Stay Focused at the Poker Table – 60 Second Poker Advice

  1. I prefer more in depth hand analysis and other advice that you explain in a more extensive way, but that's just me, cause I'm obsessed with poker haha. But this 60 second advice segment has some potential 🙂

  2. Definite potential here. I haven't seen any of the poker vloggers doing anything like this. Definitely sets you apart. Maybe the 60 second video can be a hook for a longer video that takes the concept more in-depth?

  3. This video didn't tell me how to stay focused longer. All it did was tell me about 3 stags of focus.

  4. Blake this idea is great man! I feel like the compartment's will really help my sessions in the future. I think I stay in peak focus for too long and believe I can do it the whole entire time I'm at the table but I seem to get into the same tricky spot after 3hrs of trying to peak focus. I'm going to try this method with timing that fits my abilities and I'll get back to you about it. I think this will go much better then previous sessions.

    The idea with the smaller 60-second video's. This is the first 60-second video I've watched of yours, and I think it's great because you got to the point in 60-seconds. I'm a straight to the point person, other's may need that extra 4 minutes long to understand but for me it took me longer to write this response than to actually watch the video, which is important because I understood a major leak in my strategy that may be the reason why I earn profit within my first hour of peak focus and then I make very unusual moves for the next couple of hours. The greatest part is it took me 60-seconds to understand my leak from one video and it's something I can work on that was explained straight to the point.

    Thanks for trying this style video Blake! I feel a little more confident about some future sessions now!

  5. At MTT's we get moved from table to table most of the time and have to sit back and watch a whole new group of players, so no, no maintenance and no relaxed modes.

  6. Love this.  I think I do this subconsciously, but now, being aware of it makes me not feel "guilty" about relaxing at the table and taking a few hands "off".

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