Poker Strategy: Check Raise Bluffing In A 4 Bet Pot

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In this hand we call a 3 bet with JTs out of position and need a plan for how to realize our equity. What would you do?

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Poker Strategy: Check Raise Bluffing In A 4 Bet Pot

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Check Raise Bluffing In A 4 Bet Pot

  1. Give Me a table full of these type players like the caller who just “doesn’t get it” who’s playing “the magic algorithm”, doesn’t understand terms like “ranges” etc & can’t put all the advanced terms together

  2. how about a biggish raise on flop? villain probably has a pair like TT or JJ and is testing the waters.

  3. Check raise bluffing in a 4 bet pot in a 2-5, you don't need to watch the video to find out what the result is. Dude needs to save that for 5-10 and higher.

    I've seen Doug Polk try that strategy in a low stakes table and they chewed him up, spit him out, and said thanks for your money.

  4. Unfortunately villain had the hand that blocks 99, the only hand that villain is repping. Caller got owned here.

  5. I can’t see why the BTN did something wrong. You should sporadically 4bet A9o as a bluff in this position when SB 3bets (just look at the solvers).

    The turn bet is probably aimed for getting rid of pairs 10s-Qs. And like many have already said. He blocks AK and 99.

  6. Villains play here isn’t that bad. He got value with the 4b pre. Flop bet and sizing looks good. Turn bet is aggressive but can’t be that bad since Hero has to station flop wide and clearly makes mistakes on turn

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