The BlackJack Strategy Book Is WRONG , Find Out Why !!

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The BlackJack Strategy Book Is WRONG , Find Out Why !!

10 thoughts on “The BlackJack Strategy Book Is WRONG , Find Out Why !!

  1. This was funny as hell.. lol this just proves when your by yourself there’s no perfect way to play. Lol man’s won 70 thou playing the opposite of what gives him the best odds 😂

  2. Man, how is he? I want to follow this guy, I'm f… explode, that was sooooo fun🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Its aholes like this who cost me £500 in 10 minutes at my local casino recently. STUCKING on a pair of aces against a ten, when he would not accept he couldn't make his hand any worse by hitting, then he f me up, I had 14 and he drew on soft twenty! Took my 7 and I then bust and he caused whole table to lose as dealer made 21..I left win some back but then when the sicko made everyone else leave his table he came and joined my new table and continued with his loveery first hand by splitting tens against a ten. His response..we wanted two chances to make 21!.. I tolerate his bad before calling the pitboss saying this guy clearly fukking up deliberately with his £5 bets and was told I should move!. I then told him I'm gone and not coming back ever . They just lost a VIP for letting a drunk git screw up

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