7/7/23 $3,000 Buy In Blackjack D Lucky Experience in Las Vegas

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Welcome to D Lucky Experience. All our content is made just for fun. On a daily basis we are posting our slot machine jackpot winners. We make no guarantees of hitting jackpots. However we hit double digit jackpots every single day.

We will normally post about 1 – 3 videos per day however on holidays and days off we might post more then usual.

To be apart of these videos you can check out our page by clicking the link below for more information. We make no guarantees.


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This is just for fun.

Slots is not a way to earn $$$ if you are in need of it.

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7/7/23 $3,000 Buy In Blackjack D Lucky Experience in Las Vegas

10 thoughts on “7/7/23 $3,000 Buy In Blackjack D Lucky Experience in Las Vegas

  1. You have to learn basic strategy bro. You hit 12 against dealer 2 or 3. And do NOT double a soft 19 ever ever ever. Hit Soft 18 against 9 or 10. Hopefully you'll deploy some of these. You may not always win but you'll lose less. Trust me bud

  2. Betting for the dealer and taking it back? Nobody does that you leave it there

  3. Didn’t happen now just like that is going to happen just like that good way just like that 😮❤😮

  4. Watching the videos where D gets smoked makes me believe the content more…

  5. Stop hitting on junk…. rewatch this video….count how many times the dealer would have busted if ……YOU DIDN'T HIT ON JUNK. Yes the dealer would be forced to hit and would have been busting like crazy

  6. Great video but you need to learn basic strategy.Ask the dealer next time for a strategy card and they will give you one.👍😎👍

  7. That’s why you lost your last two hands, when you said negative things about Arkansas. And I don’t live there.

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