A Trip To A Casino With A Blackjack Card Counter [Extended]

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This video is dedicated to all of the gamblers and especially blackjack card counters.

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A Trip To A Casino With A Blackjack Card Counter [Extended]

10 thoughts on “A Trip To A Casino With A Blackjack Card Counter [Extended]

  1. card counting does not work. Just because a count is high doesn't mean YOU are going to get good cards. EVERYONE on the table has a chance to get good cards, INCLUDING the dealer. So if there are 4+ people at the table, then it's useless. Card Counting is just a scam that people sell.

  2. What the love was that stupid intro about. Trying to see some card counting, not a cheesy loveing college party

  3. "The player now has about a 1% advantage over the dealer, time to increase the bet." Proceeds to bet double the min bet. LOL! Great way to grind out $1/hr in EV.

  4. Funny Thing Is I Was Card Counting In Gta 5’s rigged system and they said I can no longer play black jack for like 2-3 days it just said this active is unavailable at the moment

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