7 thoughts on “Learn How to Play Craps Video Putting Odds on the Craps Table

  1. @hughes1622 My f'ing dog is the coolest thing on the planet! Thanks for watching and trying to learn from my videos. I teach all about Odds action on the DVDs I have for sale. Good luck to you no matter how you play the game!!!

  2. @TruAzn100 Yup!!!! Good eye! Those cheques are from Paul-Son's. One used to be able to purchase cancelled cheques off of their shelves from the back room at their Las Vegas show room. No longer, though. We purchased a whole casinos worth of cheques a little more than a decade ago. Still have them all and will never let them go as I can't replace them for what they are worth to me. Good luck to you!! Thanks for watching!!!

  3. @TruAzn100 We actually had a casino night tonight, 12-17-2011, and used a bunch of my chips for that private party. Good times were had by all!!

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