10 thoughts on “Backoffs and State Laws #cardcounting #blackjack #casino #gambling

  1. They are just businesses trying to make a profit, and there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that. Casinos don’t cater to people who’s goal it is to make money, they cater to people who want to have fun at a cost, with the added benefit of a potential to make money instead of losing!

  2. Well when they still have the advantage and yet refuse to allow action. That tells you all you need to know. Learn the game, perfect basic strategy and start small and stay under the radar – you’ll make a killin

  3. This is why I never gamble. Give the money to a bunch of assholes is not for me.

  4. Start wearing a N95 mask , it’s easier to take their money and hit the local drugstore too to pick up your necessities 😂

  5. When casinos don't like it when you cut into their politician bribe money fund…🤑

  6. It should be ILLEGAL to punish you for something you can do in your head, without tech. As a casino, you are providing a service and if you can play within the rules of that service you should not be allowed to be refused.

  7. Corporations are ruining Las Vegas casinos. Charge for parking, resort fees dishonest games. How can they prove you are counting cards if you do not admit it. Looks like you could sue them.

  8. I worked at a casino in Missouri. We would tell a player that they are an "advantage" player and just reshuffle the deck.

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