Blackjack Live Play At Red Rock Casino.

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How High Can This Tower Go? Fun Session With Tons of Action! As Always, I hope you enjoy the Table Game Tuesdays, Cheers!

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Blackjack Live Play At Red Rock Casino.

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Live Play At Red Rock Casino.

  1. Oh that split was bad😢. Nice run. Nice cash out👏. Nice line hit. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Tuesday. Enjoyed watching. ❤☘🥰☘❤

  2. I'm surprised with a stack like that they didn't think you were a card counter and back you off! Ha ha! Casinos like to screw people over but don't like it when you have an advantage.

  3. Old school, anything the casino is offering isn't in your favor no questions needed.

  4. It's awesome you have great rapport with the dealer. What would be cool is you and Slot Hopper play bj on the same table haha

  5. What? 😮 Down to 15, follow Vegas Mike he spends tons of stupid money 💰

  6. last 8 minutes were very good sir OSS but the first 25 SUCKED !!!!!!!!! i whacked the triple stars for 1,350 sunday so life is good

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